The International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board is responsible for the governance and the development of The London Diplomatic Association (LDA) To join the board will be by invitation, and the decision of the President and other members of the board of the LDA.

The board will offer advice and put forward ideas for the future development of the partnership. Board members will encourage individuals to be put forward and invited to join.

The board will be made up of a similar profile to our business partners, individuals who run successful businesses or organisations and are highly respected within the community and within their fields both UK and internationally.

The board will meet on a regular basis to determine which individuals and businesses are accepted to be business partners, brand ambassadors, and principle and support sponsors. They will also consider applications from individuals wishing to join the board.

If you feel that you or your business has a valuable contribution to make to the LDA, and you would like to join, and to discuss it further, please contact Zuzana Milo-Halliwell, Group Head of Marketing, Diplomatic Membership/Partner Relations, email:

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Sir Anthony Figgis, The Queen's Marshall of the Diplomatic Corps