The LDA was Established in 1964 by Diplomats for Diplomats

The aim of the London Diplomatic Association (LDA) is to create a conducive environment where diplomats can interact with each other in the UK and globally, and where businesses can develop their relationships, promoting their products and services to the diplomatic community worldwide.

We endeavour to assist Governments and their Embassies to develop an economic, social and cultural exchange with the business community globally.

Accredited diplomats in the UK can become members of the LDA for an annual subscription of £100. This includes 1st, 2nd and 3rd secretaries, and all attachés. All Ambassadors and High Commissioners are honorary members. Diplomatic PA`s and all secretarial staff within an embassy or high commission can also join.

Other diplomatic organisations around the world can also be affiliate members.

If you are a diplomat resident in the UK and would like to be considered for diplomatic membership of the LDA please click here or contact: Arabella Fortesque Humphreys, email: Tel: 07467 967306

Benefits of LDA Membership

  • Exclusive Insights – Gain unparalleled access to in-depth analyses and discussions on Britain’s political, economic, and social landscape.
  • Foster Connections – Expand your network of fellow diplomats, fostering camaraderie and collaboration.
  • Access Resources – Leverage exclusive access to a comprehensive database of accredited diplomats, facilitating diplomatic communications and engagements.
  • Elevate Prestige – Collaborate with the esteemed LDA to co-brand promotions and elevate your diplomatic mission’s visibility.
  • Showcase Excellence – Showcase your diplomatic mission prominently at LDA events and receptions, enhancing your visibility and influence.
  • Strengthen Engagements – The opportunity to offer prizes at LDA events and receptions, showcasing your diplomatic mission’s initiatives and fostering goodwill.
  • Drive Initiatives – Collaborate with the LDA on joint campaigns, leveraging diplomatic and corporate databases to drive business development initiatives forward.

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LDA is the link between the business and the diplomatic community globally

"I wish to thank you for inviting me to join the excellent Annual Ambassadors luncheon. May I, once again, express my deep thanks to the London Diplomatic Association for organising such a memorable event"

Dr Singha B Basnyat-Nepalese Ambassador

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